• Teaming up with Motion Picture Marine and the Office of Naval Research, the Porpoise Robotics program was developed to introduce middle and high school students to aquatic robotics. Students learn computer science and engineering principals by programming sensors and designing the robots (Sea Perch and Sea Hawk). The students collect and analyze data from local water sources.

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    Founder of the LA Robotics Club, the largest and most active club of its kind in Southern California. With over 1,400 members, the club includes professional engineers, computer scientists, robotics enthusiasts and curious youth. We focus on open-source platforms such as Arduino and hold classes as part of our community outreach.

  • Instructor and Tutor, working with many underserved youth in the Los Angeles area. Areas of expertise range from teaching soldering and Arduino classes with the LA Robotics Club to working with Porpoise Robotics, a high school outreach program that teaches and mentors underserved kids about robotics via team-built aquatic vehicles.

  • Annika O'Brien is the Robo-Tech for Team "Game Over" on the new SyFy series Robot Combat League. Together, she and her Robo-Jockey, Keisha Howard of SugarGamers.com will battle it out in an arena, controlling an 8 ft. tall, 1,000 pound humanoid for a chance at $100,000 and the champion title!

Promoting open-source electronics and robotics for people of all ages and experience levels.

My radio interview with KPFK 90.7 FM, December 1st, 2012:
At age 8, I began programming in BASIC on a Commodore 64. When I wasn’t ice fishing and tracking wolverines/reindeer, I spent my time playing and making video games. I am now a hobbyist builder who makes really cool stuff and have made various electronics and props for Hollywood shows and movies. In my extra time I teach under-served teens in inner-city Los Angeles how to make robots, including how to program and design the entire thing, mostly from junk. I also offer hands-on Arduino classes all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Update: I recently moved to Houston to create K-12 engineering curriculum for public and private schools.